Cancer diagnosis and exercise

I have been diagnosed with eye cancer. I have a week until I go to Arizona for treatment. I don't know what it will entail. I'm okay with it. I can deal with whatever comes.

I finished Blend last week, and I was looking forward to starting Fit or another more intense program. I don't feel that is rational at the moment even if it is only because I won't want a lot of missed days or feeling unable to do the exercises. I opted for Low Impact again. In Day 1, Kelli is saying things like "Where am I at today? Every day might be different. Your body is constantly changing." Thank you Kelli! These are inspired words. I am so grateful that Fitness Blender has taught me to listen to my body.

I can't imagine that I am the only one who has had a setback like this. What did you do? How did you get through it? Is there a type of medical practiioner I should talk to about types and intensity of exercise? I don't think the eye specialists will have these answers. I realize I am going to have a period of rest. After that, it may be walks and yoga.

Something to look forward to: seeing what chocolate shops are in Phoenix .