Started new program and having doubts - How to stay motivated?


I completed FB Reach and accidentally took 2 weeks off and just started FB Low Impact round 2 yesterday. I'm pretty inexperienced and have been doing a lot of pilates videos to get in touch with my body and practice good form. I tried to go easy on myself, taking extra breaks/lower impact mods and did extra stretching at the end to try to mitigate sore muscles. I was proud! Today my lower body is pretty sore, and when I tried doing today's upper body workout I gave up 14 minutes in even when I tried to go easy. I couldn't stop thinking "Should I do this? Am I too sore? Or am I just giving up too easy?" the thoughts were so distracting I just quit.

Now I'm left worrying I've set myself up for failure by starting this program. I love the way FB Reach gave me more flexibility and energy and I wanted to step it up. Is it too soon? How do you keep motivated while doing a video and know when to listen to your body?

What if I'm too sore after every day?