#MayComplete💪🏼 Let's June begin!

Hello, fellow blendfriends!

How did your May go? Are you staying safe, healthy, positive and happy?

For me, it's been a weird month. This quaratine looks like it's going to be longer than many of us wanted or expected. At least here in my country, even if numbers are not that high, the health care here is not good, so it wouldn't be good if the numbers go any higher 😔

However, even during quaratine, this year is just flying by! We are already beginning June, where did the first half of the year go? 😱

For now, I am keeping myself sane by keeping myself active 💪🏼 working out is the one momento of the day that I forget all this craziness around us and it gives me energy to continue 😊

Also, I hace a couple of workout buddies so it feels so great to check in with them 😊

Anyways, I hope you are proud of your month too! However it looks, be proud! 💪🏼

Share what are you proud of! For me, it is being active, not only working out but keeping in touch with family and friends during this difficult times. What are you proud of? It can be anything!

Stay healthy, safe and positive!

Happy day!