This is my "But I don't feel like working out" workout

We had family over for a good part of the day yesterday, and it was great.

But today I'm feeling rather drained. I think this burnout recovery will take much longer than I expected (or wanted). I'm still struggling to find the happy medium between rest and activity. But I'll figure it out... I'm stubborn that way. 😊

I really wanted to do some kind of workout today, and yet I soooo didn't. So why not try the video Kelli posted a day or two ago...? Looked simple enough.


Now I feel happy that I did workout, and my energy is a bit better.

Tomorrow I begin LI round 2 and will do my best to go at my.own.pace, taking rest days whenever I need to, scheduled or not. My priority is to complete the program and just keep moving. On days when I just can't face my computer / home gym, I'll go walking.

"Nike: just do it. Even if you suck."