An ode (?) to eggs

Hey everyone,

This is a semi-serious post about eggs and how they have been on my side since day 1 (not my fitness journey but my life). I've decided that they genuinely need more exposure, and not just in the form of eggcellent puns.

Today I boiled three eggs with my dad and it got me thinking.

For the last 2 years, my mental health has been... on steroids, perhaps. Or hallucinatory drugs... Anyway, and I'm going to outright say it, it was terrible. I bet I could "grow" in much better ways, without all the inexplicable crying, self-harm via starvation, suicidal thoughts, shutting themselves down and all. Unnecessary. Now, enter, the eggs.

4 or so months ago, I was really forcing myself to complete my graduation requirements, the thesis and all. So many deadlines, missed opportunities, despondency, brooding, emptiness, responsibilities... But it was still better than before, and I'd always boil 2 eggs to... ground myself, I guess. Until they had that gooey yolk flowing a bit when you cut through it and firm white (uncooked whites are a big no-go for me). So, thank you eggs, for lifting my spirits up by making me feel somewhat less useless then (and even now). Your chicken moms would never guess this would be your fate, but I appreciate how you kept me fed (and not for much money). Thank you.

Really, you are awesome. So versatile, so nourishing. We love you eggs. We really do!

Truly your biggest fan,