A bit of shoulder advice for you all.


I Just figured I'd share one of the pieces of advice I incorporate into my shoulder workouts. A lot of you may already know this, but not everyone is an expert! I'm certainly not. Kelli and Daniel often stress not lifting overly heavy even on shoulder presses, while extolling proper form. There's more to this than some might realize.

The delts are not an overly large muscle group, but they are an important one for overall health, strength, and of course the aesthetic of your physique if you care about that at all. When you lift heavy - even if you happen to be a big, burly dude of a man - you tend to unknowingly begin to incorporate other muscles. Typically your triceps, your pectorals, and even your biceps will start to assist even if you don't feel them kick in. Kelli and Danial focus on the health end of not ego lifting, this is the other end - You are limiting your gains in strength, and size if you're after that.

Lift lighter, lift what you can control, and lift consciously. By consciously contracting your shoulder muscles, by lifting with them instead of your arms, you will make much quicker gains in strength and size. And since you aren't hefting a bunch of weight around with your shoulders, you're still taking proper care of those extremely vulnerable muscles and that oh so easily injured joint.

I also advise rotator cuff exercises. I'm aware of one video where Daniel dedicates a segment to this with a very light weight. I believe one of the plugs from his dumbbells. This is an extremely tiny muscle and you definitely don't want to work on it with anything remotely heavy. However, building it and not forgetting it exists like many people do helps to counteract the pull of your delts as they develop, helps you with better posture, and overall leads to better longevity in your shoulder joints.