Question on exercise and food

So, I am confused on what my results will be. I made a change to my diet back in July, to a vegan only diet. I had a lot of success and lost 17 pounds in two months. We ate fairly clean before, but this helped give us a 'reboot', I suppose, and expanded our food preparation knowledge. After that, we started adding in some of our favorite things, like eggs, some meats, some cheeses, etc. Our diet, overall, is still pretty clean. I've maintained my weight, not adding or losing, since. Now I'm adding in the exercise component, so I'm wondering if I need to create a calorie deficit (calorie count), or just eat intuitively as I have been to lose fat? I don't really care what the scale says, but I would like to lessen the fat layer and become more strong and lean. Since working out, I feel like I've been more hungry, which seems counter-productive to weight loss--but necessary to fuel my body. Suggestions on course of action?