Anyone Insulin Resistant or have PCOS?

I've been using fitness blender from November 20th of 2017 started off with FBBodyweight round 2 and then moved on to FBb30 round 1 and FBBooty round 1, just started FB30 round 1 again. I definitely see the changes in my body.But I don't see the changes on the weight scale. And one of the biggest culprit of insulin resistance is lipids I hear so I wonder if my Insulin resistance is improving or not. And I suffered from anorexia throughout college and my teenage years.I eat around 1200-1400 calories and I wonder if I'm going wrong in my diet. Food makes me anxious cause there's so much of information out there and it is so confusing and overwhelming.I try to keep my carbohydrate intake at 100 grams but my protein and fat intake are pretty bad cause I'm a vegetarian and come from a country whose cuisine is primarily high in carbohydrates.Also, I'm 24 years old, 167cm, 143lbs.lost 2kgs with FB.I'd appreciate any insight into what might be going wrong. Thank you.