Please Help- Weight gain and lack of motivation


Hi all

I've come back from a 4 day holiday to Devon which was beautiful. When I was there we were on a catered holiday and all of the foods were very carb heavy. There were days when I tried not to eat as many carbs and stuck to salad instead. However we had sleeppvefs with lots of snacks. I did walk everyday, climbing up cliffs and all. Aswell as doing 2hrs of swimming everyday.

Coming back I've found my family and I are struggling to go back to eating the way we were before. Also working out, I'm lacking motivation for, I think I'm still on holiday mode. It doesn't help that we have had no opportunity to do shopping so have had go make do.

The worst of all is I've put on weight not an awful lot but its still weight which has been put on. I'm feeling determined as ever to get back into a routine which felt good. Eating like this has made me feel sluggish and tired which I am not okay with.

Any tips would be highly appreciated.