Feeling strong and healthy!


First, kudos to everyone who is keeping up with their workouts, who is jumping back in after a huge break (because it can be hard to restart!) or after falling off the wagon, and to everyone focusing on health and happiness! Although I am not as present in the community chats, I actually look through them frequently and am happy to see a growing, strong community! (and new FB updates :) )

I have been in Costa Rica for about 6 weeks now, and I actually completed FB Mass and am now doing FB Flex and Boot simultaneously, getting up diligently early morning each day to go to the gym (which I dislike less now actually!). I have to say, I feel GREAT! Although my diet has changed dramatically ( I have a host family and also have to acclimate to the diet here, so there is a LOT of rice (where is my quinoa?!) and beans, and no fish (which seriously makes me want to cry), fewer vegetables (this definitely is a blow) and more meat (not so much in quantity per meal but rather being included almost every day) I feel like I have gotten so much stronger, I have more energy (though I do also notice more sleepiness), and my body is shaping, I think, rather nicely!

I can't wait to return home, but I have been so much more excited for my workouts and fitness, and I think this experience is definitely healthy in that I have to be more open minded about what I eat without feeling guilty.

Sorry for such a rant, I just wanted everyone to know I'm still alive and happy! But I mostly wanted to give motivation to you guys to keep up with your hard work because although we sometimes fall into a mindset where we start to question our routines or maybe might even be less motivated, there comes a time where we get a resurgence of excitement and motivation and desire for HEALTH AN HAPPINESS!!! I hope you guys are doing well and continue to be awesome :)