First (unplanned) cheat day and feel horrible about it

Hi, guys!

So yesterday was the very first time my husband and I went out to visit his parents in over 9 weeks (we have been super careful as I have an auto immune disorder). I have recently become over weight and we have been very good in watchig what we eat. So we decided he was going to just enjoy his mom;s cooking and I packed myself a healthy meal (asparagus, feta cheese, olives and cherry tomato salad and a small almond milk and strawberry smoothie). Everything was fine, but we stayed longer than we planned and it was time for dinner, I didn;t have anything else with me and before I could even think about it I had finished a bag of doritos and a pretty big slice of sugary lemon pie. I feel so sad this morning, I had anly managed to drop 1 pound this past week and it was soooo hard. I don't want to step on the scale today :(