Celebrating WEEK ONE WORKOUT(S) COMPLETE! with a Thoreauvian quote


The serene scene I've quoted below reflects the peace and ruminative disposition I've been in the last week. There have been challenging moments, but my new stress management techniques have helped keep me leveled and calm. I've not missed a single workout this last week and I'm proud of that!

Henry David Thoreau was a 19th century thinker/philosopher/writer who is known for having beautifully recorded nature observations in "Walden." He is much, much more than a nature writer, but I very much enjoy reading his description and ruminations. Enjoy!

"As I sit at my window this summer afternoon, hawks are circling about my clearing; the tantivy of wild pigeons, flying by twos and threes athwart my view, or perching restless on the white-pine boughs behind my house, gives a voice to the air; a fishhawk dimples the glassy surface of the pond and brings up a fish; a mink steals out of the marsh before my door and seizes a frog by the shore; the sedge is bending under the weight of the reed birds flitting hither and thither.” Henry David Thoreau, Walden, p.108