1 year with fitness blender 🎉

Now I know what your first thoughts are seeing those pictures. You must be thinking wow look at those fabulous pusheen socks 😂, unfortunately they are not the main subject of this post but it is officially my 1 year milestone of my fitness journey and it was all done with fitness blender.

For some context as to why I am showing a before and after of my lower body is because I have suffered from some injuries on my left leg (in this photo it will be the right leg). When I had my last leg injury it took a lot of physio just to be able to walk without crutches and I always hated how one of my legs looked smaller than the other due to muscle loss. I do wish I took some before and after photos of my total body but honestly I didn't think I would be working out for this long so I am so proud of myself!!!!

I remember seeing fitness blender on YouTube every here and there and at the time of when I started to workout I was going my GCSES. For anyone who doesn't know what these are they're basically exams that we do in the UK when we're 16. During this time I was incredibly stressed and I decided that in my half term I would strive to become a bit more fit and attempt to strengthen my leg more. I remember the first time I ever done a lower body workout I couldn't even do squats or lunges so I ended up doing all of the Pilates videos for about 3 months just to gain some strength. After 3 months I saw some changes in my body. I noticed that my arms were a lot stronger, my legs were stronger and I had little definition in my core.

I think around 4 months I was able to do squats and lunges but they were very shallow and I mean hey I was so proud of myself I didn't even care. To me this was a major milestone and I never thought I'd be able to get there ever.

Later 6 months in I was able to do my first every HIIT routine but it was all low impact, which is still another milestone in my opinion. I think I managed to survive around 17 minutes of it and then skipped straight to the cool down but you know what, it was a brilliant first attempt and I couldn't of been more proud of myself. The next month I attempted the same HIIT routine and I got through the entire workout with low impact modifications. At this point I was able to squat and lunge deeper which again is another achievement.

This month around 2 weeks ago I posted on here that I done my first ever jumping exercises and this was probably the most defining moment in my fitness journey. I actually finished another workout 10 minutes ago and done some jump squats and even though they burn like crazy, they are probably one of my favourite moves I can do. To think that when I started I could only do pilates moves and squats were impossible to do, and now I can do jump squats and broad jumps etc without feeling a massive impact on my knees is insane!!!

In the photos you can see on the before (left) I didn't have a lot of muscle in my legs, and on the after side (right) my leg shape has changed and both legs are almost the same size as each other.

I just want to thank K&D for creating fitness blender and making it so accessable to people who may have been too afraid of going to the gym (me), or do not have enough money to afford a gym membership, or don't even have weights to be able to do their workouts. Being so accessable has also been able to help people during this pandemic which is amazing, and its expanded the community even further. I'll admit that I didn't even have any weights until I was 8 months into my fitness journey and I still noticed that I was stronger and fitter.

I would also like to thank the community as well for giving me and many others so much encouragement over time. You guys are awesome people and I love to see what workouts you've done.

It's quite unfortunate that I've had to celebrate this milestone during a global pandemic as I would have loved to go out for dinner in a pub or restaurant and get some yummy fish and chips. I know it's like a stereotypical British thing to order but it's so good I don't even care 😂. In order to get around this my family and I are going to have some sweet chili stir fry for dinner which is my favourite meal ever!!!!! I'll admit that whilst I was typing this up I had a little cry, a happy cry don't worry, because I'm just so happy and proud of myself for how far I've come over this passing year.

If anyone is reading this and they've just started out, don't be ashamed of your starting place we're all different and we take a different amount of time for our body's to change. I also hope this gives anyone a little bit of motivation to get their workouts in today too!!!

Thank you for reading my post and I'm sorry it was so long and if you've managed to read till the end then congratulations!!! You deserve a bar of chocolate 😂🍫!

Stay safe!