What exercises do you struggle with?


I’m just curious if there’s any common exercises that people struggle with?? I have a tough time with dynamic lunges. Stepping out and making sure my knees don’t wobble or bend inwards as i lower down and back up, it’s a struggle! When they do a set of lunges I go so slow that I never do as many reps as I should. I’ve been doing them for so long I have no idea why the movements are so difficult.

One of the other one’s I’ll just never get is the reverse plank leg lift. When you’re on the mat facing up propped up on your elbows and lifting your butt off the ground, planted on just your heels. How the EFF do you even lift a leg up in that position?? My body is fully like “nope” haha. I feel like my knees will cave in backwards or something.

Anyway, I think it’d be interesting to hear the ones we struggle with and maybe some folks here have pointers on improving!