You Choose May Challenge - Day 4 Upper Body Complete (Check-In) 😁


Hello again Blender Peeps!

Is it just me or do upper body workouts seem more difficult when you sit down? I really felt the burn from this one that's for sure. The other reason could be because I'm honestly still sore from the upper body workout I did two days ago on day two. Hmm...should I have taken a rest day? That is what was going through my mind honestly BUT I did do something smart (at least I hope it was). Because of my soreness I didn't lift as heavy as I usually would. I use less weight and even still it was a burner. Oh! Did I mention I did the Descending Reps upper body routine? Yeah I was thinking about doing the second option with cardio kickboxing but honestly I'm sure kickboxing can be done while sitting down. If ANYONE has ANYTHING on that please share.

Is anyone else on day four as well? Which workout did you do? Were you still sore from day two as well? If you did the one with kickboxing, do you like it? I've heard a lot of people don't like cardio kickboxing. Either because they feel silly, uncoordinated, the "violence" prospect of it. All these are understandable and it really isn't for everybody so don't feel ashamed if you don't. Not everyone likes strength training either. Oh well it all works in the end right?

Well that's it from me. See you all tomorrow GOD willing for day 5! 😁