Pushupossible !

I just... What? Oh, wait. I need to find words.😳😉

Recently I did my PFT, still zero pushups on my list. I wanted to do half ones, but hubby doesn't find them worthy of my improvement test. I need to do at least one full push-up in the proper form, sooner or later. 😅 It's later, way later. 🤣

Yesterday Florian posted this for his workout complete https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/at-home-upper-body-workout-comprehensive-superset-upper-body-workout. So, I made this routine my goal for... well, a distant future. 🤣

Hubby says he cannot 'accept' I'm not able to do one, just one full push-up, as once I was able to do them (as a gymnast)...

So, in order to make me try more, push myself more, he did PFT just the other day. And, guys OMG! I know he's my beast, but I've never counted his reps before.

After his run of 12km in less than an hour, he managed to do 111 squats and 40 pushups! 😳👌💪

But that was the other day - he just did his own upper body routine on the bench and followed up with burnout round of 250 pushups, 25 reps x10. My man! 💪💪💪

I think I hate pushups. 🤭