Morning Nutrition ideas

Goodmorning FB family! Hope you're all having a great week. Finally managed to capture a photo of our breakfast before tucking into it haha. We eat this 3 times a week.

Its super important to eat when waking up especially after a 7-8 hour sleep. We woke up hungry and still feeling yesterday's workout. Starting our day with this super bowl puts our energy levels up and puts our hunger at bay as well as the recovery (we add whey protein it really makes a difference). Literally will be feeling full for the whole morning.

(1 Serve)

1x cup cooked oats (1/2 cup raw)

1/3 cup Mixed berries

Half a medium banana

1/2 scoop of Musashi Whey powder

What do you eat for your breakfast or morning meal? 😋🍓🍌