FB XT Plus Running -- Weight Loss?

Hi everyone, I'm on day 40 of FB30 and I'm trying to plan my next move after I finish this series. I want to get back to running as it's getting to be springtime and I enjoy running a lot. However, I am still not close to meeting my weightloss goals. I've been diligently doing FB30 workouts and meeting at least 10,000 steps per day. I probably have been not as diligent as I could be in my eating. It's very challenging for me to figure out as I have a history of disordered eating. I have only lost about four or five pounds, and only two or three since I started this eight week series (most I lost during the FB30 trial I did in December).

I know FB XT is for maintenance, but has anyone lost weight doing FB XT along with another sport such as running? Do you think that's possible?

Thank you :)