Yummy and healthy Muffin

I found a new muffin recepie a few days ago and it was great, but not as healthy as it could be.

So I changed it a little bit up. 😉

Here we go

200g oats (I blended them to be more like flour, originally it is plain old flour)

2 eggs

2 tbsp sugar (you can substitute it with a healthy option or don't use it at all)

250g yoghurt (the recipe said 200g yoghurt and 50g oil, I just ignored the oil and added more yoghurt)

1pck baking powder

1pck vanilla sugar

That's the main recipe.

Additionally, I have added chocolate (about 50 g) and frozen cherries. (You can add any berries you want.

First you add combine the egg white with the sugar, then add the rest of the egg, the vanilla and baking powder. Mix it and then add the yoghurt. I added a little bit of water, because of the oats, to make the batter a little bit smother when you add the oats. After combining everything you can add the chocolate. The batter is still very thick, don't add too much water.

I get about 12 muffins. You can put the cherries on top of the batter or in between two spoons of batter.

You bake them at 180'C for about 30-40min.

That's all. 😁😁😁

Hope someone will be inspired.