Need some encouragement-PCOS weight loss

Hello, everyone

This week has been really rough for me. I'm 5'3 and used to weight around 110-116 pounds. I have been working out with Fitnessblender for 5+ years now but even before that I was always in a pretty good shape, never even knew what a muffin top was. I've been dealing with PCOS for a very long time, but my main syntoms were hair loss, acne, irregular periods, never really had trouble with my weight. Then the following things happened:

-I was diagnosed with Lupus and put on prednisone, which made me gain a few pounds. Nothing crazy, except I couldn't lose the weight.

-Finally I was off the meds, but started on Metformin and Myo Insitol por PCOS. Weight kept piling on. At first I thought it was due to prednisone still being in my system, but over a year has gone by and I am 25 pounds over my normal weight and now officially overweight. I can only blame the Metformin- even though most people say it makes you lose weight, not gain it.

I have been eating whole, clean foods and doing HIIT workouts 5-6 times a week. Nothing is working. This week was by far my worst since on Monday I had to go to the office for a quick meeting and could NOT fit into anything. My pants will simply not zip up. My dresses and skirts are too tight around my waist. I'm huge and can only fit into sweatpants.

I broke down and cried in my dressing room.

Now I'm doing some research and it says meat might affect women qith PCOS because of the hormones, wondering if I should go vegan? Now it has gotten to the point I will no longer take metformin even though I'm trying to get my body ready to conceive next year. I just know I won't be able to do it if I'm overweight. I NEED to be in a healthy weight bedore putting my body through a pregnancy.

I feel so defeated right now.

I just keep looking at pictures from a year ago and wonder what went so wrong :(