Lower Back Pain With Every Leg Workout

Hey everyone,

I'm currently doing FB Strong (on Day 8) and I have noticed during todays workout that I am not getting anything from leg exercises except for lower back pain.

I started doing deadlifts with light weights and while Kelli was talking about how much she felt it in her thighs, I did not feel anything in my legs and only felt pain in my lower and middle back. I thought it was because of my form, but I tried it many different ways and also without weights and I still only felt it in my back. Same thing during squats. I barely feel them in my thighs and when I add weights my back starts hurting like crazy. I think my form is pretty good (I have a huge mirror in my room and keep comparing my form to Kelli's). I'm pushing my butt back, my knees never go over my toes, I'm keeping my back flat and my shoulders back, but it always hurts.

Am I just not made for leg exercises or does anyone have advice?