A thank you and an update~

I just wanted to say a huge and sincere THANK YOU to everyone who encouraged me when I was feeling very depressed. It’s so wonderful to see things from a different perspective. My eyes have been opened and I now view my body in a whole different light. I know it seems like a quick change of heart, but your responses really touched me. I really didn’t expect so many truly caring responses. Thank you so much. ❤️ I really love our FBFamily.

I think I was forgetting to be thankful for all that I have. I do love my baby and am so happy to be a mother. I do want future children, if God decides to bless me with more, even if that means my body is changed forever. After reading everyone’s encouraging words, I’ve decided that I don’t need to keep longing for something in the past and need to accept my body as it is now and try to push on toward future goals. I got a few responses like that and they really impressed me.

I have some good news! My husband just started rock climbing again, which makes me so happy, bc he wasn’t exercising at all. We went shopping today and he bought me a new dress that I can wear for school or church and it fits! 😂 I’m also thinking about cleaning out my closet. There’s quite a lot that I’ll have to donate, and that’s okay.

I was so encouraged by all the responses, I did an extra short cardio routine along with my optional stretching routine for today. LImR2 week 2 is complete!