FB Daily Check in: Saturday, May 16th

Goooooood morning! I don't know about you guys, but the weather here is soooooo delightful, it is getting me pumped for a quick workout! In fact, I might even go outside later to do something I rarely do now - read! Read while admiring these babies - our peach trees! It was so exciting to see these little ones budding. It is the first year I have seen the buds, meaning if not this year, sometime soon we shall have homegrown peaches! Although, the trees were getting some kind of disease/rust, so my parents had to put some product to help it out....

Just like in anything, don't give up if at first you don't succeed! My dad was set on cutting down these trees but I told him what I've learned from you guys, that peach trees take a few years.

I could go on and on about peaches. But I think I'll stop indulging such a sweet treat now. What about something a bit more bittersweet? Like our workouts? Or maybe today really is a sweet day full of rest! I plan to do a lower body workout and then watch Harry Potter, as I've been reading the series from the start....any other fans?

And what about food? It was so hot I needed a refreshing smoothie for breakfast. And after I made my very first grilled steak yesterday, I'm excited for some fish, but even more excited to have someone else cook for me hehe! I'd love to hear about your foods so that maybe I can try a new recipe!

Also a side note. I started working with a German app team, WellYou, who developed an app to promote wellness and health from before this whole quarantine issue. Because of the crisis, they changed their platform a bit to focus directly on ways to keep healthy and well during this time. I've been less present in the forums because of I've been helping them write articles, and although mine are still in review and subject to change, I'm trying to include Fitnessblender's name, since I'm mostly writing about exercise related content. So hopefully it'll be approved and encourage more people to check K and D out!

Welp, hopefully that didn't sound like a random promotional ad 😅 I look forward to hearing about your days. It is time for me to DISAPPARATE!