Abs 2 complete!

so i got my program complete in abs 2 today. yay me! lol..

im going to start fit2 monday and im very excited! i actually have done a challenge like this before! i did a lot of reading about fb and fit2 and i feel much more prepared! - at the gym the teacher goes harder than you and you strive to keep up going back to the same class over time - so i was dialing back what i was able to do - putting my weights down when kelly/daniel did etc- 🤦‍♀️- this whole working out at home thing has been a rough transition for me!

i am very internally motivated (which is why i dont post a lot although once again you guys are great!)but i always felt like i could not get as good a workout at home as i could at the gym(all in my head just like everything else haha! being 100lbs overweight does a lot too you even though its been 10years!

so my fitness test - i dont run but i added my bfs personal challenge of pushup clapson my toes!

pushup claps -2 weak ones

full pushups 12 half pushups 15

squats 14 weight used 40lbs(20/hand)

static plank 2:01:40

sit&reach : -9inches 🤦‍♀️

the sit &reach -9inches eek! i cannot reach past my knees .i know i need to work on this, which i could have told you without doing it 😂 (the exercise you hate the most is the one you need to do the most!) just a few years ago i couldnt even do pushups on my knees! so maybe after this i will do reach and something else.

so - im giving myself permission to have tomoro off and then monday -all in! ready to crush my goals! 💪🏻