Summer exercise with the family!

I just want to share my excitement over a new plan I have with my family. I have four kids ages 16, 13, 11, and 4. The older three are adolescents and very moody, don’t like to get off the couch, and are miserable with sheltering in place. In our town, there is no end in sight so we are preparing to shelter in place through the summer.

I’m a teacher and I really enjoy creating fun little things for the kids to do. I consistently did something fun everyday since mid-March when the schools closed. Things like “PJ day,” “snack Bar day,” “outside day,” etc. I put them on our family calendar. It was all optional and the kids really enjoyed it. I also planned special events in the evening that the kids enjoyed.

After two months of planning special days, I am burnt out. I wanted a change. After discussing it with the kids, I decided to stop with the special days and refocus my energy on creating fun bike rides. The plan is that three days a week, we will go on a family bike ride. I will make them special snacks or even whole meals to eat on the bike ride. All of my kids enjoy baking and cooking, so I will invite them to make meals with me before the ride. They also get a lot of choice in where we go, what time, and how far. I will use an app to log our rides and for each 20 miles we go, the kids will get to take turns choosing a restaurant to order take-out from.

So I mostly just wanted to share my excitement with someone, but I also wanted to ask: what kind of food should we make and bring? What else can I do to make this fun for them?