Getting over a weight Plateau

Hey Fitness blender family

Question for you all- I would love to hear your experience.

1) How did you get over a weight Plateau

I have been working on my weight loss since January. I started off only wanting to really work on my nutrition, and eat less. I have an elliptical I liked to go on 3x a week as well. That plan worked well for me and after 6 weeks I lost 10 lbs. But then I got stuck, and I have had the hardest time getting past 163lb. I tried eating even less, but then I think that slowed my metabolism and I still staying around the same weight. So it was about a month ago that I heard Kelly talking about strength training and less cardio , So I started doing that. I now do shorter workouts than before, but I do a lot more strength training and a lot less of the elliptical. I have knee issues so I only can do low impact HITT. I am pleased to announce that after 2 1/2 months I broke 163 and now 161. Is it smooth sailing from here on out? Any tips on how to boost the metabolism? Can you gain too much muscle with strength training and look bulky? How do you tone up but not bulk up? All feedback welcome.