Post Workout Meals

Hi everyone!

I began using fitness blender after the gyms closed due to COVID-19, and it has to be the BEST decision I’ve made for myself. Before fitness blender, I was focused on doing tons of cardio, counting and restricting calories, and weighing myself multiple times a day. I know, it’s obsessive and NOT healthy. I actually have a history with an untreated eating disorder and never thought I’d be able to balance fitness and nutrition like “normal” people could. However, since watching Kelly’s inspiring video on how she overcame her eating disorder and lost 40 pounds, I began to make changes to my life that I feel have led me in a much better direction. I no longer weigh myself or even own a scale, and I eat as cleanly as I can with some cheat days here and there. Overall, I’ve been taking it day by day and every day I feel stronger than the last day:)

My question for the community is, after a long sweaty workout such as HIIT, is it okay to just have a snack as your post workout meal? I find that I have no appetite after an extra sweaty workout, and sometimes I’ll get myself to eat a small meal just because I know I need it. Is that normal? Does anyone else have this issue?

Thank you!


PS: I know I mentioned that I had an untreated eating disorder. This occurred during my teen years and as a minor, I was not able to seek help without my parent’s permission. My parents, although they meant well, refused outside help, ignored social workers calling to check on me and attempted to “treat” me at home. It was not by choice, and although I see a therapist now, it is for a separate issue.