Shapely arms + workout buddy

I've gained arm muscles and a workout buddy!

My nephew has gotten used to in seeing me workout but now that he's 10 (and super bored), he's been joining me for a week now.

Yesterday I told him we'll strike a pose and I was surprised to see my arms and shoulders looks sculpted!

When lockdown started in our country, March 15, I immediately put 2 programs, Flex and Abs round 2. A few days ago, I also completed Strong. I had a bit of a struggle because of my shoulders during the Strong program and was feeling a little bit frustrated because I gained upper body strength from Flex and I thought I might lose that. This week I scheduled the 5-day Strong and Lean challenge. One workout has push ups and I was surprised that I can already let my chest down and go back up easier than before and with more repetitions. 💪💪💪

Any suggestions for my 10-year old nephew? My brother doesn't want him lifting dumbbells so I just let him use resistance bands.

Stay home, stay safe, guys!