FB Strong - Day 24 & 25 Core & Upper Body

I completed my workout for yesterday. It was a core workout with Daniel and my abs were feeling it because we would do an exercise and then we would have to hold it the next time. My body was just having trouble making through the workout because on how hard it was for me. But it felt better once the workout was all done and over with and I thought the workout was going to be easy to do. I was so busy working on my schoolwork yesterday that I didn't get the chance to get online yesterday and I so wanted to but I just totally forgot. Alright now I will tell you about my day for today. I did an Upper body workout with Daniel and it was also just as hard as the core workout that I had yesterday, and my arms were feeling it because they were shaking like crazy and I wanted the workout to be over with. I was again busy on schoolwork again but this time I was not too busy to be able to get online for today. So I am doing my best to try and make sure that I am catching up on my work in every single class that I have, because it's hard to try and get caught up in every single class when they just keep on g