Am I Ready to do a 1000 Calorie Workout? Or am I pushing it?

Hey FBlenders,

I've been doing the Sweat program for a week now, going strong, and then yesterday I missed my workout. I finished working but I couldn't work out right away, then I got hungry and I ate supper, so I couldn't work out. By the time I felt ready it was too late because I couldn't wake people up. Even though I had legitimate excuses, I think they also came up because I wasn't so in the mood of the workout on the calendar.

I have completed the LI R2, so I know I can stick to a program. And I loved it. I think I'm just in the mood of choosing some of my own workouts from the selection. I probably should've taken a few day break to start a new program. So I think I'm going to quit and start a program in a few days. In the meantime, I think I'll do something light today. Tomorrow I will probably have some extra time and I think I want to get in a nice long workout tomorrow (then again, that depends on tomorrow, ha ha).

I'd like to try the new 1000 calorie workout, I'm just not sure if I'm ready. I don't want to start and get discouraged. From all of you who've done it, do you think it's possible for me to tackle it? Or do I need to build myself up more?

Anyway, thanks for reading if you've got this far. I'd appreciate any advice.