FB Fit Day 43 of 54

Hello. This is my first post. I'm just feeling really bummed right now. I have been so consistent and dedicated with this program and with my nutrition, and yet my weight hasn't budged. I'm definitely getting stronger and building muscle tone (Yes, I understand muscle is heavier than fat.) I was just hoping for clothes to fit a little better by now and to see a change in the mirror. There have been a lot of positives, however. My four children frequently join me, including my almost 18-month-old nursling (I realize those hormones play into this as well.). I was just hoping I would have a more noticeable change after six weeks of intense workouts and clean eating. Even with gaining muscle tone and breastfeeding, I wouldn't think I should still be hovering around the 200 lbs mark (5'4"). Anyway, any tips or encouragement are appreciated. Thanks. -Holly