Taco Tuesday?

How about Tamale Monday?

This is not really a “healthy” food post (especially the way she made them), but my amazing (Russian, mind you) wife decided to tackle tamales from scratch today.

Well, okay, the prep started Sunday, of course…I mean, the meat wasn’t gonna season and cook itself, right?

But today was where it was at, and I got to “help” by tasting things, smelling things, and washing a lot of dishes (mid-prep)…all while I was supposed to be working, mind you.

In the end, when your rock star wife makes amazing, truly amazing, tamales from scratch and uses her мантишница (steamer used for Central Asian dumplings) to make them literally as good as you’ve ever had (and you’ve had A LOT), you’re a pretty happy guy.

Question for the FB Family, one of my wife’s dreams is to travel to various places and learn to cook local dishes from the experts. Where should we go (when this whole COVIDcraziness is over, of course) to learn how to make tamales first-hand? I mean, she’s already pretty good, but…