Should I Eat More?

Hello, #fitnessblender community! I worked with a nutritionist last year to lose about 12 pounds. She advised that when my weight starts to increase again, to follow the meal plan / log my food and the weight will decrease where I'd like to maintain it. I've started the meal plan and logging again. I've just started strength training with Fitness Blenders Round 1 of the butt / booty program that is focused on lower body three days a week. On the other three days a week, I am doing about 20 to 30 minutes of core and upper body strength training. I also have a German Shepherd that I walk once or twice a day at 20 to 30 minutes each time.

The calorie plan is about 1,500 calories. My metabolic resting rate is about 1,800 calories. What I am finding with the new work out program and the 1,500 calories is that I am hungry and eating a lot of snacks (carbs and chocolate!) during the day in addition to healthy meals. Because of the strength training, should I increase the amount of daily calorie intake although I am trying to lose about five pounds?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!