Not giving up just because I can't continue Burn 2...


I had to quit FB Burn 2 after straining my upper calf on Saturday, the last day of week 1 (stupidly while doing a short extra cardio that was not scheduled)

I took the normal 2 days off but this is at least a 2 week injury so I really needed to find a workout I can do. Normally I would quit working out until my injury heals then go back into that "I'll start tomorrow" for weeks/months on end and as I gain weight.

While wondering what I could do I remembered Pilates uses no weight/pressure on the calves and then I could find an upper body bodyweight workout.

I did them separately and added a half hour of walking around my apartment complex hallways (limping along slowly so it really wasn't a workout but I can't let the injured muscles go stiff with too much rest)... Pilates for the lower body day 1 then the bodyweight upper body on day 2. But the videos are around 20 minutes each so I am thinking of doing a routine of both videos like this 3 days and core intensive the other 2 days then take 2 days off.

What surprised me was how hard Pilates is. I have done it before years and years ago and completely forgot how hard it is. I can hold 18kg per hand for squats(40lbs-- it's all my foreearms/hands can barely handle but I could go heavier if I had a barbell) and 14kg (30lbs) per hand for deadlifts and I don't get too sore anymore. One session of Pilates and I am so sore lol.