Booty and flex combo before and after

The last 6 weeks I did the booty and flex combo with an additional day of core/cardio.

My workout schedule looked like this:

Monday and thursday: Flex

Tuesday and friday: booty

Wednesday: core and/or cardio

Foodwise I was counting calories when I started. But halfway through I decided I was done with counting. I want to focus on intuitive eating/mindfull eating. I feel good doing that and it is sustainable.

I can lift heavier in some exercises. The only thing is that I noticed I need to work on my core because my legs can handle the weight, but I feel it in my back..

Next up is the May challenge and then abs r2 (yay discount!!)

I don't see a lot of change in the pictures. I have not lost a lot of centimeters or kilograms. But I am okay with that because I do notice a change in how my clothes fit, and I feel more fit.