Is this a good eating plan for me? What should I be eating?

Hi everyone!

As a usually very active person (junior year in high school) and usually do cheer 3x per week, volleyball 5x per week, a 3-12km run generally in the morning before school sometimes 4x and a gym training with coaches and squad once per week) and lastly the track team, I would usually eat quite a lot a daily schedule looking like this...


1 glass of milk

a bowl of oatmeal

1 banana

avocado on 3 multigrain toast

green tea


1 dark rye bread roll with olives + peppers

an Apple

Dinner; (varies day to day but this is a staple meal :)

Quite a lot of pasta with steak, capsicums, carrots, onion and zucchinis.

A fruit salad.

(I don't snack, so is this what I should be eating?)

Being in quarantine (in LA) I am trying to let my body recover (having been over training during the school terms - but only realizing very recently at FB after my boyfriend told me I could be) and just doing some simple stretches and light workouts, should I still be eating this/this much? I am planning to recover for a few weeks then slowly being running and practicing volleyball again before the seasons starts up again (after Corona)

Is this a good plan for

1) my school routine

2) isolation routine

any advise is greatly appreciated!! :)