FB FIT 2 struggles and personal situation


Hi, everyone... Not so active here but I've been in the shadows lately.

Today I've earned my workout complete and that's quite news to me.

I'm currently doing fb fit 2 for the second time but I must admit it's taking me 4 months instead of 2... 😟 ( I think I still have two weeks left).

I used to work out regularly since I got into Fitnessblender but 6 months ago I broke up a long-term relationship with my boyfriend and I've been experiencing serious ups & downs.

Some weeks I work out once, others twice, and others nothing at all because I feel really depressed and can't find the energy, so I reschedule the days over and over. This makes me feel bad but I keep going with the program when I can because I don't want to give up.

I lost a lot of gains, I get tired sooner and soreness last longer but that's life... When I work out at least 3 times a week I'm happy.

Today's terrific Valentine's day,...Well, at least I kicked my butt with this routine. I changed the abs workout scheduled with the new one (really challenging) and I felt like dying during that cardio (I really hate those long intervals). Had to take extra breaks but I did it!

We all struggle some times for several reasons and this is my daily battle now: trying to get back to my healthy habits and finding some little happiness...

Take care everyone.