Wheelchair please... BootyR2


Amazing how easy it was to get to the mat today with this new mindset of customizing my sessions to exclude moves I don’t like (or can’t do properly). Today, I got frustrated bc one side of my body sucks at the side lunge! So, I did some tweaking, turning my feet out more and moving side to side stationary, without returning to center first. I actually was able to here train my difficult side to mimic the easy side and work through what I think might be a muscle injury that’s preventing my from getting the same range of motion as the other side.

Today was awesome and I’m dead! I took hardly no breaks during strength but this HIIT kicked my butt. Lots of breaks, but I’m not upset about it bc I literally pushed myself to my limit and respected that boundary. 😃 #workoutcomplete #flatline #forgivethetypos