FbAbs complete!

I just finished FbAbs! Here is my progress for the month of April. I decided to take advantage of the quarantine to try to get back on track and I pretty happy with the progress! I have so much more energy, I feel better and my endurance during workout has approve but a lots! Even in just 4 short weeks!

I liked FBAbs, I feel that it was a well rounded program even if it focuses more on abs. I am pretty happy with the result! The first 2 weeks of the program were so hard for me, but it got better with week 3 and 4.

I chose to the fitness test at the beginning and end and I went from a 20 sec plank to being able to hold it for a minute!!! I also lost an inches on both tights, arms and around my waist. My weight went from 188 pounds to 185! I think it’s great progress for 1 month.

I also tried to eat as healthy as I could during the program. I did have a few sweets and some pizza here and there, but I think the results are pretty still.

I will be starting Strong this Monday! :) I cannot wait to do it and see the result with this one.