Dislocated patella - How to get my legs to the same size?


Hello Everyone,

I dislocated my patella a couple of years ago but I can't get it to the same size as my right leg. I lost a lot of muscle and there's only scar tissue in my (bad knee). It is still hard to get balance in this leg and I don't have the same flexibility (I doubt I will ever have) I just want to get my bad leg stronger. I've ride bycicle in the first year and now I've started fitness blender but I don't know how to conciliate the exercise in order to start growing my thinner leg (bad one). I tried to repeat exercises with only the bad leg but it's not enough. I don't want to exercise only the bad one and neglect the good one. I feel a bit abnormal. I love to exercise it has changed me in and outside but this little difference between my legs keep messing with my head. Any ideas to get them both the same again?

Thank you ;)