Loki (as promised) + project updates


We've been seeing requests for more Loki. Here's a snap of Lok enjoying one of our first dry days in months!

Maybe we can do a weekly Loki check in 😂

Are you guys working out today? I took Loki boy out for a mile walk this morning and will probably try to squeeze in a quick upper body workout in between meetings & writing the new program I'm working on...More info on that coming soon..

Tees, hoodies, tanks & more fun FB merch is still on it's way (have to make sure it's all perfect before we make it available to you guys!). But we're getting really close. The FB Community Forums will be the first place to know when it's available.

We're also working on more site improvements; notifications for the community and comments, and refining the search fields for "time" are on the top of the list, currently.

Hope your day is going well!