Help with nutrition to see results

Hello, I have always been quite active and I workout 4-5 times a week and walk at least 10,000 steps a day usually. I am a pescatarian therefore I eat mainly veggie meals but also have fish some days. When I workout I tend to either do HIIT training or weight training, I love to use kettlebells and I also use the treadmill for interval training. I am 5 ft 6" and weight about 9 stone 3lbs. I have always stayed within a weight range of 8 stone 10 and 9 stone 7. My issue isn't really my weight or health overall it is that I really would like to tone up but are unsure what I am doing wrong.

The only thing I can put this down to is my diet. I don't follow any strict diet and am a firm believer in balance so I eat veggies, fruit, fish, nuts (all the healthy stuff) but I also enjoy crisps, cakes and chocolate every now and then. As we are in lockdown in the UK I do find myself snacking more on a night but I wouldn't say this is anything drastic. I'm just confused and bit dishearten as I have been working out really hard for 6 weeks straight but just am not seeing the results I want.

I usually have a protein, oat and fruit smoothie or porridge for breakfast after my workout. Then for lunch i'll have a salad and falafel wrap or tuna pasta or avocado on toast or soup with bread, then for dinner I have quite homely meals like veggie shepherds pie, curry, lasagne & salad, spaghetti bolognese, fishcakes and chips, pizza & homemade chips, veggie sausage & mash, vegan steaks with chips, fish with rice and veggies. I always have either salad or veggies with my evening meal. Then for snacks I tend to have a banana or apple, olives. Then on a night I'll sometimes have peanut butter and honey on toast or some kind of biscuit and chocolate or homebred cake. I try to keep my sugary snacks limited like at the weekends.

Does anybody have any advice on workouts, meal plans or just anything that will help me? I will be soooo appreciative! Thank you :)