Flex Day 3 + curing the dread of working out


A couple of weeks ago I shared that I’d shifted my concentration away from amount of weight lifted to form and range of motion. This past week I came to another realization after noticing I’d developed a resistance to working out that went beyond just not wanting to get out of bed. It was that there are certain moves the Segars implement in their routines I just DO NOT LIKE. For whatever reason, they just don’t feel good. I’m not in pain, I just don’t jive with them. Over time, I’ve developed a mental resistance when thinking about working out bc I wasn’t looking forward to some of the moves. Then, today I decided I just wasn’t going to do them (duh, right?). I said “no” and did something else that vibed better with my rhythm and what my body wanted. This is NOT A KNOCK ON THE SEGARS. On the contrary, it’s a knock upside my own head 😂 They’re always talking about doing what feels good to your body. I’m just so used to forcing myself to do things for fear of being a failure (in my own mind) that I never even thought opting out of this simply bc it doesn’t feel right (for me) was an option for me. In fact, I’ve stopped pushing myself altogether to help heal this mindset. I finish every workout and I work to my limit but I do not push farther than that. And guess what? I ENJOYED working out today! Not just getting the workout itself done, but the entire process bc I did what I wanted to do and didn’t punish myself for not doing what the Segars were doing. And it feels great! I will work toward pushing past my limits in a healthy way but for now, I’m nipping this unhealthy pattern in the bud!

Note: I am an analytical type and a chronic overthinker. So, lots of psychological movement over here. Lol! Thank you to all of you who don’t judge me for it or think I’m clinical bc of what I’ve shared about anxiety and other mental battles I’ve had (and overcome!) xoxo

Ps: forgive the typos. It’s difficult to edit on my iPhone so I just don’t try! 😄