I think to quit


Hi,i'm sorry that i come with the same thought but this time it's more hard.Everyone told me that i will be muscular and i will "beat boys".I lift 12 kg(6 per hands) for legs and some arms exercise and i'm really struggle with this things.Some day i am happy with what i do and with this life style but another days i am very sad and i think what i am doing this?I know is not good to compare with another person but some girls have a great body and they look awosome and i working out 6 day per week and i try to make time and to make healty choose.Some day i want to quit and to give up but i can't.I love what i am doing and i love fitness blender and what they do for us and this community,i know here i found support.I feel.much good now because i say what i feel and thanks.I'm sorry for my bad english i am from Romania and i stil learn.