FB Strong - Day 10 - Core & HITT


I completed my workout for today and yesterday. The workout that I had for yesterday was a Core and HIIT workout with Daniel, and it was hard to do but my body was getting used to the workout. The workout that I had for today was a Upper Body workout with Kellie, and by the time I was halfway through the workout my arms were feeling it. My arms were so glad when I was all done with the workout because, for all of the exercises I had lifted more weight than what I normally lift for the exercises. This morning after breakfast I cleaned the Alpaca pen, then I hung my clothes, then I talked to my Grandpa, then I hung my sheets, and then I finally did the violin. This afternoon I was down on the lower property blowing bubbles for a long time, then I came up and worked with the chick's for a long time. Then I finally gave our cat Bashful and her kittens lot's of loving's. So I have had a busy day around the house and now the day has passed by, and it felt like the day just went on by really quick. I guess that is just what happens when you have been busy all day and you are working around the house.