FBProgPals - Bodyweight Round 2: Day 6 Check In


Heya Prog Pals!

It's the end of the first week for me. My favorite days were 3 and 5 (lower body work, shocker!). The weather has been moderately nice enough to keep running outside. I put some new jams on my playlist and powered through a half marathon (untimed). I'm sure I looked like a lunatic running around the forest preserve singing along to one of my new favorite songs (spoiler, it's linked at the end). 💖

One thing I changed for this program was adding music to the routines, which I didn't do for LI R2. I know Kelli always says we can but it still feels weird. She's the instructor, I should be paying attention! I think I'll be taking her up on her suggestion though cause it makes a difference in how hard I want to work.

How is everyone else's time with BW Round 2 going? What music motivates you to keep working?

I'll post another check in Monday!

🔥 🎶 Bop of the Week: "Fire on Up" - Paper Kings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsEqbmTYT2M (safe for work!)