🌸S.I.F.🌹Accountability Group - FINAL Check-In: Saturday, April 25th (Week 8) - WE DID IT!


Well, here we are at last - the final check-in of the "Spring" into Fitness accountability group! It's been a long 8 weeks, and so much of the world has changed in that amount of time. Despite all of that, we made it to the end!

Revisit your original and revised goals that you wrote out at the onset and halfway point of the group - how did you fare? Did you meet many/most of your goals? All of them? None of them? Don't beat yourself up if you were derailed; even if you didn't meet your original goals, you may have learned new things about yourself, made new friends, tried new concepts and ideas and pushed yourself in other ways. Whatever your goal status, let's chat! I'm excited to read about it.

Whether or not you did all that you set out to do, I hope that you enjoyed being part of this group and were able to have some good discussions, gather ideas, learn something new, etc.

I am not the best at writing check-in posts, so I'll end it here. Thank you to Heaven for beginning this group and getting it going, to Magda and Florian for stepping in to write check-ins several times, and to all of you for being a part of this - encouraging each other, offering helpful advice and more. Y'all were great and it wouldn't have been the same without you! Wishing the best as we move from April to May 💖❤💗