Just a bit of motivation for all you fabulous folk.


Whale-come to another wonderful edition of Random Stuff Jesse Posts Each Day. Yes, that's always been the title. I have no idea what all these assertions are as to me having once called it something else. Just kitten with me, guys. Come on.

Anyway, instead of talking about animals or food today I'll just be offering some words of encouragement to you all. Take your favorite inspiration bit from these, the ramblings of a highly acclaimed speaker - myself obviously, haven't you heard - and put them on your next motivational poster. So grab your weights and meet me at the bar, this bell won't lift itself!

Make your knees weak at the sight of your significant other - hit leg day as hard as that spider you had somebody else kill for you the other day.

You've got all year until Halloween - Be a Jacked O'Lantern this year.

Exercising in the winter can be hazardous - Doing crunches in the snow may cause you to become an abdominal snowman.

Paws and reflect - Mediate with genuine feline.

Feel your heart race when you meet eyes with your lover - Run together.

I hope these have helped inspire you just a bit today! I'd like to say a few last words of encouragement here, so bear with me. Donut give up, hustle for that mussel, keep calm, and give 'em kale.