How to accept me for me?

I am over critical on my self and I know it. I hate to be in photos because when I see my self all I see are the physical negatives (flabby arms, double chin, stomach pouch). Since I was little I have always been the heavier(fat) kid. I was bullied and made fun of from grade school through high school. Although I am very good at looking confident I'm really not( at least that is my opinion). This past year (2017) I decided screw diets, screw the scale and so what if I exercise. I wanted some time to be me and not be constantly watching what I eat and fitting in work outs. During that time I realized a few things good and bad.

First: I will never be a stick thin individual so I need to stop making that a goal of any kind.

Second: I like to exercise. I actually missed it which was a surprise.

Third: The scale is not my friend so it will no longer live under my roof. (Well my husband will be hiding it from me at least)

Fourth: I started focusing on the good. I am Happily married to my high school sweet heart (11 yrs in May). I have 2 amazing children. I have a job I like/love (depending on the day).

Fifth: I am done putting things off. I had the bad habit of saying I will do that when i loose 5 pounds, 10 pounds. Once I hit x weight I will get a new wardrobe. I am done with that I will set goals but they will be based on my actions. Not on a number!

So with those lessons learned I think I will start to accept me for me. Who knows if I will ever be 100% positive about my self but I can strive to get there.

Does any one else have these same feelings? If so I would love to hear your story.