#ProgramComplete - Finished FB-Sweat!

I am so excited to share my results! I've just finished it and I feel amazing. I've also been eating clean and done all of the extra credit workouts. It was very challenging for me (especially for the 2nd week), and that's what made it super fun! Looking back at the four weeks, I learned a lot about how to push myself and when to allow myself an extra break. I've also better understood that good sleep is essential to effective recovery. Thanks so much to Kelli & Daniel!

Here are my results:

Weight: -3.1 kg

Arms: -3 cm

Chest: -3 cm

Waist: -4 cm

Hips: -3 cm

Thighs: -1.5 cm

Calf: -1.5 cm

Body Fat: -3.7 %

Thanks for reading!